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Golden Equator Wealth is a multi-family office that provides UHNW families and individuals with comprehensive investment management and legacy preservation solutions. Our holistic and independent approach recognises that passing down a legacy goes beyond financial wealth management to include an effective wealth transfer, preparing the next generation to take over the family matters, and passing on the family values to future generations.

We understand that each family is unique with different needs, goals and motivations. We recognise that family wealth is more than just the financial and physical assets but also the social and intellectual capital of family encompassing experience and expertise of family members, family dynamics understanding, as well as the family’s story and values.

Our purpose is to partner clients to build, preserve and enjoy their wealth, for generations. 

How many generations does wealth last?

70% of wealth transfers fail by the 2nd generation
90% of wealth transfers fail by the 3rd generation

As we face a new generation of individuals preparing to take over as stewards in family business and wealth, wealth preservation plays an increasingly important role in navigating success for generational wealth transfers. Are you looking to future-proof your legacy for generations to come? Find out how you can evolve with industry demands while addressing your private wealth management needs by setting up your own family office in Singapore.

Strengthening the family legacy for generations

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